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Introducing Your New Favourite Skincare Range – Leitin

Spa-like skincare from the comforts of your bathroom.

LEITIN products in a row on a green background

Have you heard about LEITIN, the new Australian skincare brand?


Well, let us get you in the know. LEITIN is a new skincare range that has been designed to give you an oil-based skincare range with a lightweight lipid profile that nourishes dry skin while balancing and hydrating oily skin.
It’s a brand that is proudly Australian - every product combines the rich flora of wild Australia with a premium selection of ingredients sourced from the world’s four corners.

LEITIN products lined up against a green background

Each ingredient is chosen with purpose, paving the way for curated blends that transform your skin while giving you a luxurious spa-like skincare routine from the comforts of your own bathroom.
And if that wasn’t enough, these blends are encased in breath-taking packaging that will make a statement on your bathroom shelf. Delightfully minimal, the products are cool-to-touch and weighty which adds to the total sensory experience.
Choose from cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums but to help with your purchase we’ve collected our favourite LEITIN products here:

LEITIN Milk Cleanser

Milk Cleanser ($55)

For a soft and nourishing cleanser that leaves skin feeling hydrated, Leitin’s Milk Cleanser is a great go-to if you’re looking for a product that adds a spa-like feel to your day. Carefully formulated to cleanse your skin while removing excess oil and impurities this surfactant-free cleanser will leave your face feeling blissfully smoothed after use. Not only does it look good and does good it smells really good to – perfect if like us, you’re not a big fan of overly sweet, floral scents in your skincare.
Shop here: LINK

LEITIN Water Bomb

Water Bomb Face Cream ($89)

This moisturiser is a hydrating powerhouse thanks to its blend of Banksia Flower (whose seeds are incredibly restorative to skin) and Tasmanian Kelp (which has a range of compounds that target wrinkles, inflammation and overall skin repairing qualities). The butter-yellow moisturiser is not too thick to the touch and quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving a refreshing cooling sensation on application. If you’re having a no make-up day, you’ll still get a great glow as the Water Bomb leaves skin with a gentle sheen.
Shop here: LINK


Green Envy AHA Serum ($47)

If you want to pick up skin care that will make your friends green with envy, then this AHA serum from LEITIN is the perfect way to do it. This small but mighty serum packs a mighty skincare punch of hydration thanks to its blend of Glycolic Acid and natural AHA's derived from Australian Finger Lime and Bilberry. These ingredients encourage your skin to purge dead skin cells resulting in gentle skin exfoliation for a smoother, brighter and even skin complexion. This serum is suitable for all skin types, but is particularly well-suited for those in search of a gentler, less abrasive exfoliation option. Shop here: LINK

LEITIN Vit C Serum

Halo Vitamin C Serum ($47)

Our final favourite is LEITIN’s Halo Vitamin C Serum – not only does it revitalise skin and evens complexions it also gives wearers a youthful glow that comes from the inside out. Like all of LEITIN’s products, this serum takes its ingredients from the nature found across Australia. In this case using Salt Bush, Kakadu Plum and marine biotechnology to improves the appearance of dark spots, stimulate collagen production and calm redness. No better way to start your day than by stepping into your halo!
Shop here: LINK

You can browse the wider LEITIN range at:


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