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The Best Underwear for Travel (Yes, Really)

Let’s face it, travelling requires comfort.

Long journeys require both comfort and style and whether you’re driving, flying or otherwise, you want to be in clothes that don’t pinch, pull or add extra pressure to your trip.

Here at Poolside we’ve dug below the surface to find the best underwear for travel (yes, really). Because ahead of Europe summer or your next getaway, comfort starts from the very first layer.

Step One SmoothFit Full Brief ($27)

Step One was created after founder, Greg Taylor, experienced unbearable chafing on a multi-day hike. Unable to find a solution to make hiking more comfortable, he created Step One. Famous for their “Ultraglyde” panels which sit between your thighs to reduce friction, choose your travel underwear in three styles - trunk, bikini or SmoothFit. Last year, Step One became the first clothing company in Australia to achieve end-to-end FSC™ certification.
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Lululemon InvisiWear Mid-Rise Thong ($19)

Lululemon is a brand that has centred its entire design philosophy around creating practical peices designed for on the move. Smooth and lightweight this mid-rise thong won't take up precious rucksack room, it's fast-drying for the days you're doing a quick turnover (or even an airport refresh) and also has been manufactured to offer a four-way stretch to accomodate any travel-related bloating. What more could you want from your travel undies?
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Alexander Clementine High Waisted Seaweed Brief ($39.99)

Would you ever wear underwear made out of seaweed? Well let us make you rethink if you answered no. Alexander Clementine is a London underwear brand doing something completely different - their underwear maintains the natural properties of seaweed, making your panties naturally antibacterial, anti odour and temperature regulating. What's more their silk-like seaweed & eucalyptus blend feels like a second skin, all whilst using up to 97% less water than cotton to create. Meaning you'll look good and feel good - all whilst doing good.
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Cotton On Body 3-Pack Active G-String Briefs ($29.99)

Whether on a long-haul flight, navigating a packed cross-country train or chilling in your next hostel, Cotton On Body’s curated collection of intimates, sleepwear, activewear and swimwear promise soft-to-touch and comfortable clothing options for your travel underdrobe. Because of the brand's supportive microfiber fabric you'll also be able to travel happy in the knowledge your comfy underwear is invisible - the material means no seams at leg or waist for a smooth appearance under clothes, win win.
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