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As you begin planning weekend trips and longer holidays for next year, Poolside has rounded up the best and buzziest destinations to add to your 2024 travel calendar.

Using their search data, travel booker SkyScanner has revealed the most searched destinations for flights next year and the results might surprise you.

10 – Oranjestad, Aruba

A destination so remote we’d never heard of it before and had to get up google maps to check the location. This tiny island is based just north of the South America continent has apparently caught the eye of keen travellers. Go here if you want to be a travel snob – just make sure you tell everyone you visited, otherwise did you really go?

9 – Sint Maarten

This small Caribbean island is sure to please even the fussiest of travellers thanks to its stunning beaches and endless blue skies. But what’s most interesting is the fact that this dual-nation island is half Dutch and half French and the result is an incredible melting pot of culture – you’ll feel like you’re getting double what you paid for. If you’ve ever seen those incredible pictures of an aeroplane taking off over a beach, this is where those are taken.

8 – Tapei, Taiwan

One of East Asia’s biggest hubs, Tapei is a unmissable blend of Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian culture, decorated with American and wider Asian influences in its thriving metropolis. Add this to your travel list to experience an entirely new culture and city. A must visit is the incredible street food scene the city boasts – and its perfect for those travelling on a budget too.

7 – Bermuda

It looks like island life is firmly on the agenda for travelling in 2024 with Bermuda coming in at 7th on the top travel destinations list. This British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean is best known for its stunning pink-sand beaches such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. This is the ultimate Insta-approved holiday. However, if travelling on a budget is your thing – this island might be one to avoid. It topped an international list of the most expensive places to live according to UK newspaper The Independent.

6 – Bucharest, Romania

The first European city to feature on the list is the capital of Romania. Travel here to experience the city’s rich cultural heritage and incredible architecture. What’s more you don’t just get the typical city activities of museums, coffee shops, churches and nightlife, Bucharest also offers a Botanical Garden, a 80,000-hectare forest and a natural urban delta, Văcărești Natural Park so you can truly relax and unwind.

5 – US Virgin Islands

For more than 200 miles of beaches, several historic 17th- and 18th-century buildings, pleasant vistas of mountain and sea and numerous recreational facilities it could only be the US Virgin Islands. Make sure you add St Croix, St John and St Thomas to your must see list. For the best time of year to visit book your stay in April or June – the weather will be mild with little rainfall. Top tip - don’t get confused when booking the British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands are very different places!

4 – Tokyo, Japan

Searches for Tokyo have increased by 200% and it’s not hard to see why. Tokyo is the largest Japanese city with over 9million inhabitants and offers art, food, theme parks and architecture for the senses to feast on. A must-visit destination for cultural exploration and trends, Tokyo’s diverse neighbourhoods all offer something different. Make sure you take a trip to Kōenji. The home to musicians, wavemakers and the culturally curious it’s a place where artists are encouraged to make the city’s walls and buildings as their canvases.

3 – Osaka, Japan

Japan’s second trending city on the list is Osaka. Compared to its cousin Tokyo, Osaka offers a more relaxed experience thanks to its rich culinary culture, historic tourist attractions and is more affordable too. Enjoy Osaka’s distinct local food culture, traditional festivities and performing arts. Make sure you factor in visiting Osaka Castle into your trip, and to really sink your teeth into the culture try local dish Iwa Okoshi. They’re candied puffs made from millet, with centuries of history baked into them.

2 – French Polynesia

French Polynesia isn’t just one island – its made up of 118 different islands but is probably best known for the incredible Bora Bora which offers white sand, luscious foliage and clear oceans. However, there is so much more to explore than their landscape as the islands have a rich cultural heritage to see and enjoy. Slow travel has been predicted to be a trending travel philosophy next year and the French Polynesia region is the perfect place to put this into practice.

1 – Cayman Islands

To sum up why you should add the Cayman Islands to your travel plans next year in one word – beaches. The Cayman Islands have some of the worlds best beaches, including the iconic Seven Mile beach. Ironically though, you might find you’re spending as much time below the water as you are on the beach. There are over 365 different dive sites across the islands, so you could do a different one every day for a year and still have something new to see! Unlike other islands in the Caribbean the Cayman islands remain relatively untouched so you can be assured you’re having a truly authentic island holiday.

For more travel destination and trends visit Skyscanner.


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