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How to wear colour of the year Peach Fuzz

Next year we'll all be tickled peach

Every year the paint and colour expert Pantone releases its Colour of The Year.
Last week they announced that their shade PANTONE 13-1023 aka ‘Peach Fuzz’ was the Colour of the Year for 2024. Nestled between pink and orange, the clean tone is a velvety gentle peach that also has a distinctly vintage vibe.
The colour was chosen as it represents the soft imaginings of what a peaceful future could look like, especially against the backdrop of two years that have seen devastating human conflicts. In response to these seek things that are warm, comfortable and soft (all characteristics seen in Peach Fuzz) like spending time with family, friends or even time on our own.
Conveying a message of tactility that comes through in sueded, velvety, quilted, and furry textures, luxuriously soothing and soft to the touch, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is an enveloping peach hue that awakens our senses to the comforting presence of tactility and cocooned warmth.

But for those of us who want to bake this colour into our 'drobes, how should we wear and style Peach Fuzz? When pairing different colours in an outfit its always a good idea to look at where that colour sits on a colour wheel and then see what's directly opposite it as a pairing suggestion as a first point.

If you look at peach fuzz tones, those reddy/ orangey hues lie opposite to bluey/green colours like mint, lagoon, and glacier. Choose one colour as your base and then find accents in the corresponding tone – for example a peach dress and a bucket hat in the right blue could be a cool colour combo for a festival fit, just make sure you avoid looking like an ice-cream palate. A tip from us - if you choose a warm peach make sure to pair it with a warm blue and vice versa with cool tones to ensure a cohesive look.

Peach also works really well with soft neutrals like whites, golds and beiges for those who prefer wearing more subdued colours in the same family. Though if we're being super honest, peach isn't the most fashionable of colours right now. It's interesting that Pantone has picked this shade when in the fashion world we're seeing designers and high-street stores embrace bolder tones for the season.
Following this news we went shopping to find some stunning peach fuzz-toned clothes to add to your wardrobe this summer…

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