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Instagram is taking content creation to the next level

Influencer status here we come.

Instagram has announced a bunch of new in-app editing and insights features to help take your content to the next level and we’ve rounded these up for you below! Now there’s no excuse not to upload a perfectly edited and curated dump.

Key Updates:

- Save time editing your videos with new tools like Undo / Redo that make it easier to edit individual clips
- Make new memes by adding clips with audio to your Reels from Instagram’s new Media Clip hub
- Flex your creativity with new text improvements like new text-to-speech voices and updated fonts & text styles
- Have fun making your Reels & Stories stand out by turning part of any photo or video into a custom sticker
- Add the vibe you’re feeling with new photo filters that let you explore new moods for your photos and carousels
- Understand your performance with deeper insights like the addition of Replays and a new Retention Chart

New Features coming to Reels

Instagram is currently testing the ability for you to scale, crop, and rotate individual clips to make the editing process easier than ever before. They’re also adding in undo and redo features which is so good if you accidentally make a mistake and need to fix it.
Instagram is even helping you better your chances of going viral – you can easily create more ‘meme’-style content uploads by adding clips with audio. If you’ve got a growing follower base, why not invite them to create their own remix and watch your engagement soar?
Flex your creativity and personal style by choosing from 10 new English text-to-speech voices and six new text fonts designed  to help your text standout even more, you can also add outlines for better clarity.

New Features coming to Posts

Stop the press - new Instragram photo filters are here!
Create the vibe you want by editing your photos and carousels with a wide range from subtle colour edits to options for more editorial styles, these updates make it easy for you to test out and decide the best filter before you post.
The team has also simplified the way you post to make it easier to find the tools you need while editing. Find what you need more easily from your Camera Roll with better previews, the ability to zoom, or search so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling back through photos to find your next #TBT.

New Reels Insights

It’s not just the editing and posting features that have been updated - Instagram has made improvements to help you understand how your Reels content is performing.
Instagram and Facebook have introduced a new Reels metric called “Replays” and have updated the definition of Reels “Plays” to also include “Replays” in addition to “Initial Plays.” You may notice an increase in your Reels “Plays” as a result of this. Wahoo!
If you’re keen to see exactly who is consuming your content the content sharing platform is also trialling a new feature, their ‘Interactive Retention Chart’ which will give creators the ability for you to see how many people are watching your reel on a moment-by-moment basis, if you’re brave enough!
For more detailed information on Instagram’s newest updates you can read more here.




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