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Liandra's New Fruits of the Sea Collection Drops Today

The pieces 'celebrate the fragile beauty of our oceans' 💙

woman wearing red liandra top on the beach

Here's some news your wallet didn't want you to hear today - one of Australia's leading sustainable and social impact brands Liandra has teamed up with the renowned model Jesita Franklin to bring us a brand new swimwear collection.

The collection by Yolgnu woman, Designer and Creative Director Liandra Gaykamangu, named Fruits of the Sea features three exclusive prints that have been created as an homage to Australia's oceans and waterways.

Created using sustainable swimwear fabrics from upcycled consumer plastics, each item features signature hand-drawn prints inspired by traditional Yolngu storytelling and culture. 

As a Yolngu woman from a small island, Liandra’s fondest memories include hunting on the shorelines with her sisters and the time that created to share stories and connect together while gathering various shellfish that have been a main food source for Yolngu people for tens-of-thousands of years. 

The prints all take a different element of ocean living and explore this in more detail - the pink reef print calls attention to the open ocean sea-life, the blue print celebrates the rainy season and the abundance of life that time of year brings while the orange print uses beach wildlife as its design inspiration. When collected together the three prints work in unison to embody the connections of our ecosystem while also celebrating designer Liandra Gaykamangu's Yolngu culture.

This launch marks an exciting new step for Liandra as the brand expands out of swimwear and into ready-to-wear linen pieces including pants, tops and dresses.


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