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Lush has created a Saltburn bath bomb

It looks exactly what you think it will look like :(

Everyone remembers where they were when they watched Saltburn for the first time.

The film that features Roasmund Pike, Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan made headlines for several of its controversial scenes - most notably what are now referred to as 'the grave scene', 'the vampire scene' and 'the bathtub scene' at the end of last year and it seems that people can't stop talking about it.

Well the handmade cosmetics company Lush has taken it one step further to create a brand new bath bomb, the Saltbomb, that creates bath water that looks exactly like the bath water featured in Saltburn (if you know, you know).

Lush says this bathbomb 'promises to create salty, milky bathwater fit for a Hollywood A-lister', and unlike the film, this salt doesn’t burn as this bomb is mineral-rich and blended with soothing coconut milk powder for a nourishing feel. In fact, this will create silky smooth bath water you'll want to treasure every last drop of.

The inventors behind the bomb event went on record to talk about their Saltbomb "It felt like all of a sudden everyone was talking about how much they love milky bath water and, at Lush, we totally agree! Bathtime self-care looks different for everyone, whether you love a silent soak, a rave and bathe, or just a moment of pure self love... Whatever your bathtime looks like, we’ve got you – just remember to lock the door if you’re sharing a bathroom" Wise words.

How to use: Pop this little pinch of paradise into your bath to create those silky, milky waters. 
How to store: Keep this creamy concoction somewhere cool and dry until you’re ready to sink into salty seas.

So if you're keen to have a Saltburn experience like no other and feel like Hollywood royalty with this milky bath bomb that never kills the groove, Lush’s limited edition Saltbomb (£5) is available online and via the Lush app while stocks last.


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