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Poolside Picks - 1 April

The Poolside team shares their new favourites in a weekly round-up. No April Fools!

girl in a sink opening supplements

whering app screenshots of phone

Whering App

This app is going to revolutionise how you manage your wardrobes, find new outfit inspiration and plan your holiday fits. How it works is very simple – you just upload photos of your clothes and then make outfit canvases of your favourite head to toe looks. It’s a great way to plan on the go, see everything in your wardrobe in the palm of your hand and even get inventive with fits you might never have considered before! You can even track what you wear every day so you can see the pieces that get the most love and the ones that well, don’t.

box of supplements

The Absorption Company Restore ($63)

The Absorption Company was started to give people a new way to take supplements, based on the stat you pee out 84% of the supplements you take before they’re absorbed into your body. So, the brand ,started by Ian Somerhalder formulated each their supplements with new technology — the first-ever water-soluble delivery system for nutrients which are proven to increase how much your body intakes. Choose from one of their four blends: Restore, Calm, Energy or Sleep and get absorbing!
Shop here: LINK

art on a kitchen wall

Food For Everyone

Born out of a love for sharing food with family and friends, Food For Everyone is a culinary poster shop that collaborates with renowned chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs, turning recipes into artworks. There are so many different artworks to suit your space and you can make your choice based on your favourite food (Tonka’s carrot cake, Pizza Margherita or Wontons & Noodles are some of our faves) or a colourway.  What’s more – for every poster purchase made with Food For Everyone they donate the equivalent of 10 meals through their charity partner SecondBite.
Shop here: LINK

woman wearing black twist bra

Nuudi Twist System ($46)

We can’t get enough of the trend for tie tops or Copenhagen blouses right now, but there are practical considerations to think about when wearing these tops on the regular. Namely – which bra to wear with it?! Nudie has the answer in the shape of their new Twist system - a buttery-soft wide band that sits lower across the back and a singular tie strap in the middle, it’s the ultimate everyday essential.
Shop here: LINK

jar of pickles with a pink label on in front of a red background

Hot Girl Pickles ($15.99)

Founded by Tik Tokkers and pickle obsessed best friends Leah and Yasaman, Hot Girl Pickles is a snack brand taking on the pickle category and giving it a much-needed 2024 refresh. If you like a classic pickle opt for the Dill jar, if you like your pickles spicy then the Honey Harissa has your name on it. A sweet & fiery, mouth-watering experience that’ll get you taking a hot girl walk to the fridge.
Shop here: LINK



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