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Running has taken over Australia – but are we taking it too seriously?

Because running clubs are the new dating apps, right?

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Ladies, have you noticed that running has taken over your social circle recently? Well, you're not alone! According to new research over half of Aussies (54%) have seen their friends getting seriously into running in the past few months. While this new fitness trend is inspiring, it's also causing a bit of tension...

Running has always been a go-to for fitness enthusiasts, but it's popularity has surged like never before. With the pandemic reshaping how we approach exercise, running has emerged as a safe, low-cost and accessible way to stay active and healthy. It's not just about breaking a sweat; for many, running has become a mental escape, a way to clear the mind and feel accomplished and join new communities.

Picture this: parks, trails, and streets filled with determined runners, all sharing their progress on social media. It's hard not to feel inspired when your feed is full of friends hitting their goals and celebrating their runs. But for some, this stream of running content can be overwhelming.

A third of Aussies (32%) confess they're a tad annoyed when running takes over someone's identity. We've all seen it—the non-stop route maps on Strava, the never-ending talks about the latest running gear, and the constant updates on PBs. It's great to be passionate, but when running becomes the only topic of conversation, it can feel a little much.

It's all about balance. Any hobby can start to overshadow other parts of life if it’s taken to an extreme. So, while it's fantastic to share your achievements, remember to keep a mix in your conversations.

Some Aussies are going to great lengths to fit in their runs. Did you know that 5% have lied to their boss about their whereabouts to squeeze in a jog? And it doesn’t stop there—8% have sneaked out of celebrations, and 15% have even faked medical appointments just to get their running fix.

This level of dedication shows how important running has become for some. While prioritizing fitness is admirable, it’s crucial to balance it with honesty and other life commitments. Running should enhance your life, not complicate it.

As running takes center stage, its social impact is clear. For those within the running community, this shared interest strengthens bonds and creates new friendships. But for those not into running, it can feel isolating or even alienating. Finding a middle ground where runners can pursue their passion while being considerate of others' interests is essential.

If the running phenomenon is starting to bug you, try to understand why so many are hooked. Running offers incredible physical and mental health benefits, from boosting cardiovascular health to reducing stress. For the avid runners, remember to share your excitement in moderation. While your journey is inspiring, being mindful of how often you bring it up ensures you stay connected with your non-running friends too.

It's fair to say that the running revolution in Australia is here to stay, and it's transforming lives for the better.

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