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The Most Perfect Paddington Boutique To Add To Your Shopping Roster

The most romantic take on slow fashion in Brisbane right now.

If you're a romantic, earthy girl and have been finding that recently H&M, Cotton On and Country Road aren't quite doing it for you at the moment, then we have an absolute gem of a find for you!

Introducing Kimberley Anne, maybe one of the cutest boutiques we've found in Brisbane so far.

Designed by Kimberley herself she blends her love for artful romance and natural beauty to create pieces that are fresh but also optimistic in their look and feel.

Her slow fashion philosophy is centred around creativity, uniqueness and sustainable innovation, where Kimberley's free-thinking design marries with thoughtful details through the story of each garment, each crafted in organic and natural fabrications. 

Shop Kimberley Anne with us...

Hydrangea Blue Linen Crop Top ($90)

A statement crop woven in natural linen, detailing fields of blue hydrangeas hand-illustrated in watercolour. Elegant adjustable shoulder straps compliment the feminine curved neckline in this European summer style top. 
Shop here: LINK

Wildflower Linen Puffed Sleeve Crop Bustier Top ($120)

A captivating bustier crop top placed with puffed sleeves, woven in natural linen. This hand-illustrated wildflower print details native Australian botanicals and butterflies in a 70's colour palette of earth browns, tans and sky blues.
Shop here: LINK

Coastlines Organic Cotton Button Maxi Dress ($320)

A certified organic cotton silhouette shaped by fresh, clean lines. Placed with an artfully poised v-neckline, polished by puffed sleeves that direct to delicately stitched loophole buttons along centre front. Thoughtful tailoring leads seam lines to a romantic gathered tier open skirt. Airy and romantic, this limited edition signature is also fully lined with certified organic cotton. 
Shop here: LINK

Hydrangea Blue Two Style Removable Sleeve Linen Top ($220)

Two tops in one design ~ wear with sleeves or without. Woven in natural linen, blue fields of hydrangeas have been hand-illustrated in watercolour for this special edition Kimberley Anne print. With a stylish v-neckline, wear with long flowing sleeves in one season, and in the next, unbutton the sleeves for a new timeless style. 
Shop here: LINK

Coastlines Silk Organza Sheer Peplum ($250)

Sheer silk organza in a shell toned peplum detailing elegant puffed sleeves and a ruffled tinkerbell silver sequin collar. A whimsical contrast of softness and structure forms a feminine fairy peplum with a cinched waist tailored by the grace of sheer silk organza. Versatile and timeless styling options (elegantly paired with denim jeans or black pants).                
Shop here: LINK                                                                                                                             

Coastlines Sequined Silver Tulle Midi Dress ($260)

Exquisite silver sequined radiance captivates the graceful entrance of a romantic and feminine silhouette. Polished by puff sleeves, a fitted bodice and an artfully draped a-line shape that draws the eye to a figure complimenting form. Luminous silver-soaked sequins are sewn to delicate tulle and a soft shell lining. With timeless glamour, the coastlines sequinned tulle midi dress is an iconic party-piece styled with the simplicity of a smokey eye or red lip. 
Shop here: LINK

And if that wasn't enough, they even do homewares!!!

On The Rocks Oyster Platter Ivory ($307)

This On the Rocks Oyster Platter has been hand crafted with a textured white clay body and glazed with ivory gloss. This design embodies softer sides, intentionally designed to add aesthetic appeal while allowing for the use of a modest amount of rock salt or ice, providing versatility for various purposes. 
Michelle Morton is an Australian ceramic artist inspired by the ocean's depths, sea life & coral reefs, her work is a captivating blend of natural beauty finding serenity in the beautifully imperfect.       
Shop here: LINK

Ceramic Ivory Champagne Flute Glass ($127)

This Ceramic Flute Glass has been hand crafted in Australia by Michelle Morton with a smooth off-white clay body and glazed with a clear gloss. Featuring a pinch technique fluted cup and organic stem, this elegant ceramic glass is a romantic and artistic way to experience your favourite beverage.
Michelle Morton is an Australian ceramic artist inspired by the natural beauty that finds serenity in the imperfect.                                                          Shop here: LINK

Shop Kimberley Anne in store at 28 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD or online here:


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