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The Beauty Launch You Won't Want to Miss

Keep your eyes out for BALM Beauty, launching in Sephora this month.

If you're having a browse in Sephora this month and see a brand you might not have come across before, the chances are you'll be looking at BALM Beauty, one of Sephora's newest arrivals.

And ahead of it's Sephora debut, we've got all the info on the new make-up player so you know exactly what to expect, what the brand stands for and exactly which products to add to your basket.

The creation of Gen-Z Zoe Priseston, BALM Beauty is her answer to the ultimate 'clean girl' make-up aesthetic. Defined by a central philosophy that make-up should be simple, clean, and an easy addition into on-the-go living BALM is on a mission to simplify the way people approach skincare and makeup.

In a world where beauty routines can be complex and time-consuming (2016 make-up, anyone?), BALM's new innovative collection, Minimalist Beauty Essentials, is designed with the modern, on-the-go make-up wearer in mind.

Each of the products have been expertly formulated to provide an instant glow, allowing you to achieve a radiant look without the need for a lengthy routine. And another bonus - the products are completely versatile, meaning you can use them in replacement of multiple other products.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the collection before it hits stores, and we had good things to say...

The Bronze ($38)
Balm's sculpting bronzing cream gives skin a beautiful 'been in the sun all day' natural warm glow, while feeling hydrating. It was really easy to apply with our fingers and the product didn't dry down quickly, meaning we had ample time to get the look we were after without feeling like we were working on a time crunch. Super soft on the skin, it didn't feel cakey either.

The Glow ($38)

Described as a sheer cream highlighter that gives a facial-dresh finish we were expecting big things from this highlighter! It's fair to say we were impressed - like the bronzer, the cream formula is soft to touch and extremely pigmented without being too 2016 highlighter vibes. It's much more natural than those days of strobe white highlighters while the flecks of glitter add a pretty finish to a make-up look.

The Brow

If like us, brows are a can't skip step in your routine this is a great addition to a make-up bag. We loved how cooling this was on application - a lovely refresh for our deydrated brows that have been in the sun too long. A little goes a long way with this product - this wax will give you rock solid brows that will last all night so don't go in too hard. Use with the spoolie provided or your own eyebrow tools.

The Oil

Lip oils are really having a moment and it's easy to see why. BALM's offering combines the shine of a gloss with the moisture of a lip balm. We loved how comfortable the oil was on the lips. It didn't feel too heavy or sticky and the subtle taste of watermelon wasn't overpowering. Instead it made the wear even more enjoyable.

So if you're looking for a brand that gives wearers easy natural make-up that enhances their natural features intead of masking them, looks and feels good in hand (we couldn't get enough of the magnetic fastenings - so satisfying) and gives great comfort in the wear then make sure you look out for BALM Beauty on your next Sephora visit.

Or if you can't wait and want to shop now at:


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