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Inspired by the vibrant colors and luscious appearance of strawberries and popularised by LA It girl Hailey Beiber (remember her Rhode launch at Krispy Kreme?), it's fair to say the latest makeup micro trend has taken world by storm. From lip shades that mimic the ripest berries to eye looks that capture the essence of a summer picnic, strawberry makeup is all about fun, freshness, and of course, a touch of nostalgia.

Strawberries have always been a symbol of sweetness and sensuality. Their vibrant red hue, speckled with tiny seeds, makes them an irresistible treat for the eyes. The natural flush and glossiness of strawberries have found their way into the world of cosmetics, providing makeup enthusiasts with a new way to celebrate the fruity goodness.

One of the most prominent features of the strawberry makeup trend is the lip colors. Makeup brands have released a plethora of lip products, ranging from lipsticks to lip glosses, all designed to mimic the rich, juicy red of ripe strawberries. These shades vary from soft, rosy pinks reminiscent of strawberry ice cream to bold, vibrant reds that evoke the image of freshly picked berries.
Strawberry-themed lip products often have playful names like "Strawberry Sorbet" or "Berry Bliss," adding to the fun and whimsy of this trend. When applied, these lip colors instantly brighten up the face, giving you a fresh and youthful look that's perfect for any season. Look at Mac's Squirt Plumping Lip Gloss Stick ($37) in Heat Sensor, or go to the girl of the moment Hailey Beiber's brand Rhode's Peptide Lip Tint in Ribbon ($16) for the ultimate glossy layer.

In addition to lip colors, the strawberry makeup trend also emphasizes rosy cheeks and berry-inspired blushes. These blushes come in various shades, from soft, natural pinks to deeper, more dramatic berry tones. The goal is to create a healthy, flushed look that mimics the natural rosiness of cheeks after indulging in a bowl of strawberries.

To achieve this look, makeup enthusiasts often use blush brushes to apply the product in a circular motion on the apples of their cheeks. Blending is key to achieving a seamless, natural effect. The result is a radiant and youthful complexion that complements the strawberry-themed lip colors perfectly. Pick up the Dior's viral Rosy Glow blush in Cherry ($72) for a formula that blends seamlessly with the skin to flush cheeks with an immediate healthy glow.

The eyes are another canvas where the strawberry makeup trend comes to life. Eyeshadow palettes inspired by strawberries feature a range of shades, including soft pinks, rich reds, and earthy greens, reminiscent of strawberry leaves. These palettes allow makeup artists and enthusiasts to create a variety of eye looks, from subtle and romantic to bold and playful. Try Patrick Ta's Major Dimensions Rose Eyeshadow Palette ($116) for luminous creams, iridescent metallics, glistening pearls and velvet mattes to wear alone or layer, blend and contour to create the most multidimensional strawberry looks that go from day to night.

To complete the strawberry makeup look, many enthusiasts opt for dewy, radiant skin and minimalistic, fresh-faced makeup. A touch of highlighter on the high points of the face, along with a subtle contour, can enhance the overall strawberry-inspired appearance. A hint of berry-colored nail polish can tie the look together, making it a full-fledged strawberry-themed beauty transformation. We love Essie's Aperitif ($7.99) tone for that strawberry pop.

Strawberry makeup is a delightful and whimsical way to infuse a touch of sweetness and playfulness into your beauty routine. Inspired by the luscious appeal of strawberries, this trend offers a wide range of lip colors, blushes, eyeshadows, and nail polishes that allow you to channel the vibrant energy of this beloved fruit. Whether you're looking to create a romantic, everyday look or a bold, statement-making style, strawberry makeup has something to offer for everyone. So, why not embrace the strawberry craze and add a dash of fruity fun to your beauty routine?
After all, who can resist the allure of the sweetest trend in beauty?


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