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If there’s anyone who would know where’s good to eat, it’s Jamie.

Jamie Oliver has been in Australia for the past couple of days celebrating his 10-year partnership with Royal Caribbean cruises.

As part of his press work he revealed his favourite restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne and we’ve rounded them up so you can visit and see if Jamie’s recommendations stand up.



Tetsuya’s Restaurant is located in the centre of Sydney and is a restaurant based on the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours, enhanced by classic French technique.

Named after head chef Chef Tetsuya Wakuda who arrived in Australia aged just 22, his first job was as a kitchen hand Within the restaurant, chef Tetsuya Wakuda has designed his own on-site “test kitchen”, which is a personalised kitchen enabling him to create the constantly evolving and inspiring dishes on which he has built his esteemed international reputation.

And as a bonus, Tetsuya’s offers one of Sydney’s most comprehensive wine lists and thier sommeliers will, upon request, match the dishes with wine available by the glass. So don’t BYO!


Named after the head chef Neil Perry’s late mother, Margaret is a neighbourhood restaurant in Rose Bay where people gather to enjoy some of Australia’s best produce. A place where only the freshest ingredients, best wines and finely-honed crafts come together to make a unique food-centric experience for guests.

At the centre of Neil’s cuisine is a focus on Australia’s amazing seafood and takes pride of place on the ever changing menu, where dishes are changed daily to best reflect seasonal products.

Neil Perry is a veteran of the Australian restaurant industry and is widely considered to be one of Australia’s leading and most influential chefs. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, Nick has been behind some of the most successful Sydney restaurant launches including Rockpool, Rockpool Bar & Grill, Spice Temple, Rosetta and most recently Baker Bleu.

Margaret is truly a family affair for Neil, as his wife Samantha, daughters Josephine, Macy and Indy are all deeply involved in its operations.

Golden Century

One of Jamie’s biggest food memories is being in Golden Century at 2am.

Sadly now no longer in operation, you can still visit one of its sister restaurants in the guise of the Century. This near relative of Jamie’s old stomping ground embraces the familiarities and tributes of the original award-winning Golden Century, presenting elevated Chinese classics in their full authenticity.

The venue’s traditional food menu is also effortlessly matched with an extensive wine list and modern interior to deliver a premium dining experience.


Flower Drum

In China a ‘Flower Drum’ is best known as a traditional dance which is renowned for its incredible beauty and elegance. In Melbourne, its better known as the Chinese restaurant that boasts the same elements of refinement and delicacy through the team’s dedicated concept of Catonese fine-dining.

What started off as a humble desire to serve good catonese food to the people in Australia soon transformed into a reputable restaurant that enraptured critics and pundits alike. Founded in 1975 by the Chef Gilbert Lau, Gilbert’s high standards cultivated Flower Drum as a restaurant to be taken seriously, and in the process has established it as a destination that rivals other dominant European cuisines. Today, head chef Anthony Lui continues Gilbert’s philosophies when it comes to food, whilst also pushing the menu to be effortlessly modern and ahead of the curve.

Flower Drum offers great food, fine wine and impeccable service so you can be assured of a great time, every time.


This buzzy, Asian-inspired restaurant with its communal benches and open kitchen is also one of Jamie’s favourites. Supernormal New England lobster roll is a signature dish of the restaurant and for many is the highlight their trip alongside favourites including the hand-rolled prawn & chicken dumplings and twice-cooked duck leg bao. When speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Jamie described the restaurant as ‘Andrew McConnell’s food is just incredible and very well executed – the place has an amazing atmosphere. The lobster rolls were out-of-control delicious’. As an added bonus to the lobster rolls, Supernormal’s experienced team can curate a custom beverage selection to best complement your menu, including cocktails, wine, sake and whisky.

Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

For relaxed, start of the night eating is there anywhere better to go in Melbourne than Leonardo’s Pizza Palace? Jamie described it as having ‘an old school retro feel’ he just loves.


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