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Where to get Cute F1 Merch Ahead of the Aus GP

This one is for the F1 girlies.

The Australian Grand Prix rolls around on the 25th March, and if you're lucky enough to get tickets to watch it live or maybe have even treated yourself to a paddock pass part of the fun is dressing up to support your favourite drama or team.

Whether Lando is your lad, you count yourself as Ferrari's no.1 fan or you're supporting Aussie boys Daniel Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri F1 merch has come a long way than just wearing the official driver shirts.

product shot of pink jumper with enchante written on the front with a rose

Enchante by Daniel Ricciardo

Enchante is Danny Ric's merch line, but to be honest it's more fashion less merch. Currently offering five different collections you can shop outerwear, knits, hoodies, tees, shorts, accessories and more (!) on his online store. We're a big fan of his knits in particular - this boxy, oversized knit from his cafe collection is made from 100% cotton and is a great option if you're looking for a more relaxed race day fit.
Shop here: LINK

product shot of F1 Ferrari Sundays Hat in green curdory

F1 Ferrari Sundays Hat ($48)

Look good and stay sun safe with this Ferrari Sundays cap from Etsy. Each 100% cotton corduroy cap is hand embroidered and will last way longer than the 2024 season thanks to its softness and durability. Each cap comes in a choice of colours including green (pictured), blue and black.
Shop here: LINK

Lando Norris Race 100 Jumper product shot in black

Lando Norris Race 100 Jumper ($90)

To celebrate his 100th race, Lando Norris released a new merch collection - Race 100. If you're fan of the british boy, or maybe a fan of Team Papaya why not add this jumper to your collection? Featuring 45 different stickers signifying Lando's racing journey it's an easy way to show your support with a wearable piece.
Shop here: LINK

product shot of Scuderia Ferrari 90s Tee with red ferrari on the front

Scuderia Ferrari 90s Tee ($33)

If you're a ferrari fan, show your support with this 90s style t-shirt. Pair with jeans, jorts or shorts so you can look good and feel good while watching the race, blasting Smooth Operator and cheering on Charles and Carlos. Sounds like a pretty dreamy afternoon to us.
Shop here: LINK

product shot of Puma x F1 CA Pro Sneakers in red and white

Puma x F1 CA Pro Sneakers ($160)

Inspired by the PUMA California style, released in the 1980s, this version of the CA Pro brings motorsport to the streets and features all the details from the legendary F1® brand. Details like toe perforations and the simplistic yet classic style allows for fans to bring their motorsport love to the daily use.
Shop here: LINK

McLaren Born To Race T-Shirt in black

McLaren Born To Race T-Shirt ($64)

McLaren's Born To Race T-Shirt is the ultimate statement piece to showcase your love for the history of McLaren and motor racing itself. The oversized fit is carefully crafted to give you comfort and movability during tense races, with slick graphics. It's the cool girl take on supporting your F1 team 🧡
Shop here: LINK

Mercedes AMG Statement Hoodie ($98)

The Mercedes-AMG hoodie is a statement-making jumper that is as exhilirating to wear as a race car is to drive. With strong, geometrical cutlines and understated branding, it embodies power, perfection and passion in one. And just because it's advertised as a men's hoody, doesn't mean women can't pick one up too if it's your style! Way to watch Hamilton in cool comfort.
Shop here: LINK

blue tshirt with 'simply lovely' written on it in orange letteres

WTF1 Simply Lovely T-Shirt ($46)

If Max Verstappen is your man and you're looking to show your support for him in a way that doesn't involve wearing boring red bull merch then we think this t-shirt from WTF1 is the perfect way to do it. Bright bold and impactful you're sure to get some knowing glances from long-time F1 fans with Max's classic catchphrase being emblazoned on this top - after all, it is simply lovely.
Shop here: LINK

back of a grey tshirt with four circular motorsports related motifs on the back with race mode below it

Williams Racing Australia T-Shirt ($58)

Launched to coincide with the 2024 Formula 1 Australian GP, Melbourne. The T-shirt features the Williams Racing and PUMA logos on the front chest, alongside a large motorsport Melbourne themed 'Race Mode' graphic print on the rear. The front of the tee is effortlessly simple - it simply features the Williams and Puma logo. Talk about a Williams W coming off the track not on it!
Shop here: LINK


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