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Favourite white wines for summer sipping

Wine not!

If like us you're firmly in your white wine era this summer but aren't sure where to begin when it comes to picking up your next bottle then the Poolside team has got you covered. We've had a busy few weeks socialising and drinking plenty of wine (always responsibly, of course!) so we've collated some of our favourites for you to add to your wine wishlists. We're preparing to drink plenty more wine over the Christmas period so will continue to add new wines we've discovered here.

Fox Gordon’s Sassy Sauvignon Blanc ($13)

Shop here: LINK
Sassy by name, sassy by nature. This wine from our friends at Fox Gordon was made at their premium vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, a renowned region for growing Sauvignon Blanc thanks to cool climate and high altitude. You can taste the quality in this bottle - Sassy is a wine full of citrus blossom aromas, delightful aromatics and a refreshing green apple bite. A contagiously cheerful yet stylish wine.


Saddler’s Semillon ($30)

Shop here: LINK
Hunter’s Valley is known for producing Semillon wines and is one of the biggest wines to be produced in the region. For an excellent example of the wine, try Saddlers Creek Semillon. Produced from a blend of hand picked grapes, it boasts a fresh and bright palette defined by notes of freshly zested lemon, granny smith apples and green grass. It’s a wine that is clean, dry and utterly refreshing. If you're looking for a delicious and refreshing wine to enjoy on a warm sunny day, this is sure to please.


Soho Peggy Sauvignon Blanc ($18.99)

Shop here: LINK
This vegan friendly wine has an instant impact that will get your lips smacking together as the taste bursts into your mouth. It’s made in the famous wine region Marlborough, in the Wairau & Awatere Valleys and is named after Peggy Carter, the Croatian Matriach of the SOHO wine producer. Choose this wine if you’re a fan of big punchy citrus flavours and wines that have a stronger minerality. What we love about this wine is that the taste doesn’t instantly disappear – the citrus flavours hold out with a lingering juicy finish that only extends your enjoyment of the bottle. Enjoy this with charcuterie or fish for the ultimate pairing. 

2023 Zilzie Estate Pinot Grigio ($11)

Shop here: LINK
This Pinot Grigio has a refreshing and lively character, featuring notes of crisp green apple, fragrant pear, and a subtle hint of citrus. Harvested during the cool evening hours to preserve the natural freshness and quality each batch goes through a fermentation process in stainless steel, stirring to impact both length and roundness to the palate. Enjoy with a light cucumber and mint tzatziki or a seafood linguine.

Round Theory Field Blend ($23)

Shop here: LINK
Round Theory are disrupting the wine category there’s no doubt about that. All of their wines are vegan, sustainably sourced and climate positive. For a wine that looks good, tastes good and does good you can’t go wrong with their White Wine Blend for citrus flavours of mandarin, lemon and crisp pear all blended from some of our favourite wines including Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The result? The best of the best.


Three’s A Crowd Pinot Grigio ($16)

Shop here: LINK
Why bring a bottle of wine to your next BBQ when you could bring a bag of wine instead?? Three’s A Crowd has developed a 1.5L environmentally pouch alternative to their glass bottles, which holds a whopping 80% less carbon than glass does. The best bit? They promise no reduction in quality, and the wine stays fresh for weeks from the first pour so enjoy this dry white with notes of citrus, appleand pear with those who mean the most.

The People’s Sauvignon Blanc ($20)

Shop here: LINK
We tried this wine after spending all day in forty-degree heat so we were after something light, flavoursome and refreshing to welcome in a warm evening spent on a balcony playing cards and talking nonsense. This Sauvignon Blanc from The People’s delivered perfectly, giving a fully, rounded palate of fresh tropical fruit flavours of mango and pineapple, balanced out by herbaceous characteristics. What’s more the edgy label made the wine look as fresh as it tasted and was greeted with oooh’s at its unique design. A great wine to bring to a dinner party to cement your cool factor. 

Squealing Pig Marlborough Pinot Gris ($16)

Shop here: LINK
This pale-yellow Pinot Gris from Squealing Pig should be picked up by people who like wines that have incredible stone fruit flavours. Characterised by its peachy flavours which are balanced out with mellow oak undertones resulting a creamy finish each bottle is sourced from the climate vineyards in the Limestone Coast of South Australia and partially matured in French Oak. Not only does Squealing Pig provide food pairings for wine, they also provide film and fashion pairings. Apparently this Pinot Gris is best drunk watching Superbad wearing a signature print dress – someone try this and let us know if it improves the wine?


Elephant In The Room Chardonnay Can ($6)

Shop here: LINK
According to the brand, Elephant In the Room wine was created to ignore the “wine thought police” and instead aims to give wine drinkers exactly what they want – great tasting wines that deliver maximum pleasure. This is a seamless and easy to like Chardonnay with ripe flavours, freshness and a lasting finish – and in a can it’s a great way to enjoy a glass of wine at home without feeling that you have to finish the bottle in 2-3 days. When you do drink this, pair it with roast chicken and a cauliflower puree.


Pepper Tree Semillon Sauvignon Blanc ($20)

Shop here: LINK
This light-bodied, dry wine has an expressive blend combining its passionfruit and gooseberry notes of an Orange Sauvignon Blanc with the crisp lemonade and lime cordial of a Hunter Valley Semillon. The palate is vibrant and lively with subtle nettle, guava and lemon flavour, well balanced acidity with a crisp, dry finish. This bottle will also look great on any dining table thanks to its almost clear appearance. 


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