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Why Being Single is so Freeing on Valentine's Day

As a single person, Valentine’s Day provides you with a choice.

Valentines Day when your single either goes one or two ways - you either feel completely free, empowered, strong and independent. Or, it’s a tough & depressing reminder of the fact you are exactly that, single. 

Much like the festive period, Valentine's Day provides an annual reminder of loved up couples and partnerships. But the reality is that being single can be one of the most freeing, independent and empowering moments of your life.

First and foremost, being single allows you to focus entirely on yourself. As human beings we are selfish by nature. Think about your own interests, your own goals, all the things you enjoy doing that simply make you, you. Go on that trip, climb that mountain, visit that restaurant… The reality is there’s probably very little holding you back.

As a single person, Valentine’s Day provides you with a choice. Since you don’t have to conform to societal expectations or pressure you can choose to celebrate the day as you’d like, or alternatively not to celebrate it at all. You can relax, spend the day doing your favourite things, go out for brunch, dinner or drinks with friends, pamper yourself, treat yourself, you can even create your own traditions. 

It’s also a heightened period of self reflection. We’ve just come off the back of Christmas and New Year, we’re into the second month of the year, and it’s actually quite a good time to take stock of yourself, your aims, and simply where you’re at in your life. This is what can make Valentine's Day feel so freeing - you’re focusing on you, for you.

And it goes without saying, but remember everything you see online isn’t always the sunny, bright version of the picture. Everyone is on their own path and their own journey, and Valentine's Day is a moment to remember that.


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