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A Hangover-Free Bar is Arriving in Sydney

Is this the end of hangxiety as we know it??

bar with blue alc-eze sign

A night out on the town is always a great time, but if you have too much fun you can find yourself paying the price the next day. We can't begin to count the number of times we've passionately declared that we're "never drinking again" so if you're anything like us keep reading.

If you've lost the day to illness as a result of your decisions the previous night, a new pop-up bar in Sydney might just be the answer you're looking for.

Introducing the alc-eze hangover-free bar, the only bar in Australia (and maybe the world?) that promises you a hangover free morning or your money back. It's not a mocktail bar - it's better.

The alc-eze bar serves everything you’d want from your typical drinking establishment, including a selection of craft beers, globally-sourced wines and all your classic go-to cocktails. The difference is your first drink is served with alc-eze's scientifically formulated hangover supplement made from 18 ingredients including Nashi pear, which has been CSIRO proved to reduce hangover symptoms by 80%.

Open from April 25th to April 28th on Crown Street, the pop-up will give you a chance to enjoy a casual drink without the threat of a hangover and interruptions to the next day. And if you do wake up with a sore head, as we said you can head back to the venue and get the money from your drinks bill back.

If you REALLY want to put the bar to the test when it comes to their hangover-free statement, it will even be open on Anzac Day. That's how confident alc-eze is in their product.

alc-eze hangover-free bar opening details here:

Dates: 25th April - 28th April 
- Thursday - 4 pm–12 am
- Friday - 1 pm–12 am
- Saturday - 1 pm–12 am
- Sunday - 1–10 pm
Location: The alc-eze Hangover-Free Bar (formerly the Nocturne, Surry Hills), 557 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

The pop-up bar has been launched in celebration of alc-eze’s new pocket friendly 3-pack and 6-packs, which join the line the lineup of the best-selling 30 and 60 tablet bottles. These portable options are designed to offer drinkers a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of  alc-eze's powerful formula anytime, anywhere.


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