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Poolside Picks - 11th Dec

The Poolside team shares their new favourites in a weekly round-up.


Meet Yves, the handmade French-inspired pal with classic Matissian flowers in Jones & Co's signature wibbly wonky way. Made from earthenware clay and finished with hand-painted details, every Jones & Co face vase is unique. Designed in Sydney and hand-crafted in Vietnam by Jones & Co artisans this is set to be the talking peice for any dinner party.
Shop here: LINK


This scent perfectly encapsulates happy days at the beach – think warm golden sand, clean fresh breezes and an endless blue ocean in one diffuser. Each scent willm last up to six months so you'll be able to enjoy summer scents even in darkest winter. Don't just put her in the bathroom though - Wavertree & London specifically formulated this to work in bigger rooms, if you're lucky enough to have!
Shop here: LINK

sheet sociey lilac QUILT COVER ($140)

Made from 100% cotton with 100% natural fibres these stone-washed sheets from Sheet Society are the perfect way to update your bedroom for the new year. Manufactured with a smooth, cool feel they're the pefect option for sleeping through the summer all night long.
Shop here: LINK


We know you know this but we want to say it again - every bod is a hot summer bod. But every bod needs the right TLC, especially in an Aussie summer. Stay sun smart, smooth and skin obsessed with these skincare essentials from Frank Body. We're obsessed with their kits and this Summer Heroes one caught our eye. Not only does it include a scrub for softness, 50+ SPF sun protection AND a body serum to top up those hydration levels it also comes in a super cute packaging making it the perfect Secret Santa gift, a pressie for a bff or even just a gift for you.
Shop here: LINK

BREAD HAIR Oil ($39)

If you haven't heard of Bread before (the haircare range, not the carb) then get to know it quickly and thank us later. This brand is here to deliver the essentials and caters particularly for the people who are blessed with wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair. We love all of their products but their hair oil is a real stand out for us - it does simply everything. It softens and moisturises strands, gives your hair the ultimate gloss, treats your damage and helps you style, all without the need for heavy silicones. It’s a blend of mid-weight oils that work for both low and high-porosity hair. It’s the multi-tasker, the every day everything, the ultimate gloss.
Shop here: LINK


White nails for summer? Groundbreaking... Before you say it we already know white nails have been popular since the dawn of time and we aren't here to fight it. What we are here to do though is shine a light on Sienna - the nail polish company based in Bryon Bay that has pioneered a world-first formula that has no nano-particles in. Confusingly their white shade is actually called Winter which feels weird to recommend in summer but trust us on this one.
Shop here: LINK


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