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Poolside Picks - 27th Nov

The Poolside team shares their new favourites in a weekly round-up.

Our picks can span any category, so expect an eclectic list!

Avène Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Cream 40 ml ($32.79)

If you suffer from dry skin we’d recommend Avene’s Skin Recovery Cream. It’s soft, moisturising and is one of our holy grail products. In fact it's the only thing that helped when one of the Poolsiders here was undergoing Accutane treatment. It's designed for hypersensitive and intolerant skin, so will help repair your skin barrier due to its small number of ingredients and thermal water properties which are known for their and softening properties.
Shop here: LINK

Matt Pearson’s Amalfi Time Print (from $110)

We found Matt’s gallery tucked away in the Rocks on a Saturday walk the other weekend and were blown away by his prints – specifically his Italy collection. All of them had us dreaming of a week on the Amalfi coast but our favourite was Amalfi Time.
Shop here: LINK

Deji Studios Tie-Up Shirt ($169)

We’re always on the hunt for stunning tops to elevate our office fits and we think this option from Deji Studios will be perfect for summer. We’re fully loving the trend for tie-up shirts, and the ties paired with the boxy cut and crisp white cotton material is a winning combination for us. We’ll be pairing this shirt with jeans and Boston clogs on the rare day we’re ready to head into the office.
Shop here: LINK

Drip Shaker’s Mint Green Luxe Protein Shaker Bottle ($39.95)

Drip Shaker’s stunning range protein shakers are the best way to seamlessly your protein shake into your everyday life, without compromising your personality or style. Move over Frank Green, this is the new bottle to be seen with! Our personal favourite is the mint green version, it looks good but the whole rnage is packed with features that you never knew you needed from your shaker bottle. Double insulated, silky satin touch, odour free (so important!) leak proof and cup holder friendly – the list goes on. If that wasn’t enough, Each Drip™ Luxe Protein Shaker comes with a stainless-steel ball to break up any supplement lumps, but also works perfectly without it.
Shop here: LINK

Lu Goldie Sylvie Tortoise Sunglasses ($169)

If you’re looking to get into the 90s eyewear trend this summer look no further than Aussie brand Lu Goldie’s Sylvie glasses. They’re small but they’ll make an instant impact whether perched at the end of your nose or pushed back on the top of your head. And for every order placed, they’ll plant a tree!
Shop here: LINK

Anker 335 Power Bank ($59.99)

When you’re constantly on the go, you need to make sure your phone has enough battery to keep up with you! We love this power bank from Anker. It has three energy ports so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, it’s got super-fast charging (you can charge an iPhone 13 to 50% in 37 minutes) and it comes in either black or white. Add it to your Christmas wish list!
Shop here: LINK


Keep it Cleaner Lentil Chips ($5.50)

If you want a snack that is not only healthy, but tastes great too pick up a pack of these chips from Woolies next time you’re in. Deliciously moreish, these gluten free chips made from nutritious lentils and chickpeas are the perfect mid-afternoon snack. Trust us. Available in Woolies.

Adidas Gazelle Indoor Shoes ($230)

This is one of our favourite ways to add that on-trend pop of red to an outfit. We love what the red shoes can do to a neutral outfit and requires very little thought in the morning to create. For more inspo on how to embrace red this season check out our trend article here!
Shop here: LINK



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