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Poolside Picks - 4th Dec

The Poolside team shares their new favourites in a weekly round-up.

JAQUEMEUS la maille JUMPER ($1015)

Jacquemus' 'Pavane' sweater is the same shade of red as the runway at the fashion house's unmissable Versailles show . Part of the 'Le Chouchou' collection, it's knitted from soft, slightly fluffy alpaca-blend enriched with a touch of wool and has logo lettering across the back. When buying this unisex item, keep in mind that it is graded in standard men's sizing. It's also a great Christmas jumper option (weather hopefully not permitting) for the fashion gorls.
Shop here: LINK


This highlighter went viral a couple of years ago and with one swipe it's not hard to see why. This is making our way onto our picks of the week ahead of festive season, as this will take any make-up look from day to night with the quickest, but most effective of applications. This is a one-of-a-kind diamond-dusted highlighter that applies like a 3D glittering veil, delivering pure, show-stopping sparkle all over the face and body. Part of the widespread love for this product lies in its unique jelly-like powder formula that’s bouncy, cool to the touch and melts into skin.
Shop here: LINK

T2'S A YEAR IN TEA ($120)

It's the perfect time to buy a year-round tea taste sensation as from January to December, uncover new tastes and sip on your old T2 favourites, all boxed up in beautiful limited-edition tins. Packed with a blend of herbal, chai and traditional teas, drink easy knowing all of your tea is 100% sustainably sourced. It is hard to say what the year ahead holds, but one thing is guaranteed, with this it's going to be filled with flavour - and that's the tea.
Shop here: LINK


Taking a curtain call with a live snake in her wig; being painted green and cavorting naked through the Warwickshire countryside; acting opposite a child with a pumpkin on his head... these are just a few things Dame Judi Dench has done in the name of Shakespeare. In this book, Judi tells us about every Shakespearean role she's played throughout her career. Written in dialogue with fellow artist Brendan O'Hea, Judi guides us through Shakespeare's plays with incisive clarity, reveals the secrets behind her rehearsal process and invites us to share in her triumphs, disasters and backstage shenanigans.
Shop here: LINK


If you’re craving that fantastic feeling of sunshine then we have just the taste for you. Italian oranges combined with a selection of ripe Sicilian blood oranges are blended with the finest botanicals and handpicked juniper to create a succulent and vibrant flavour. Drink this with your favourite orange tonic (we love Fever Tree personally) as the ultimate drink for summer sipping.


Cardigang is a fab company started in the pandemic with the view that they wanted to teach everyone could experience the fun and reward of knitting and crocheting their own fluffy, chunky creation...without joining a club. And after all, what could be a better feeling than when someone asks where your knit is from, you can smugly say "I made it". You can knit throws, bucket hats, bags but our favourite is this patchwork cardigan.
Shop here: LINK


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