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Spotlight: The Mum of Three Setting New Beauty Standards for Cancer Patients

Poolside’s Spotlight series puts the focus on inspirational women, setting out to live with a difference.

This week we meet Teresa Kashro, the 45-year old Mum of three who has created beauty line Keyana to meet the needs of cancer patients after her Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis last year.

Teresa, tell us about what your life looked like before your diagnosis “My life consisted of long work hours, running around after three kids and spending whatever time was left trying to catch up with family and friends. I worked as a Marketing Manager in Sydney and was constantly on the go. I didn’t prioritise my health and constantly had minor health issues including headaches, lethargy, IBS and hives. Balancing a professional career and being a mother, I just didn't make the time to investigate the issues and simply masked my symptoms with medication rather than getting to the root cause.”

Talking about the day that changed her life, Teresa reflects “I was first diagnosed [with cancer] at the age of 36, barely a year after the birth of my third child. I was in the low-risk category and had no family history of the disease so it was a shock when the diagnosis was confirmed. I was told that it was the early stage and all I needed was a mastectomy and to take hormone tablets for the next five years, and that would be it. I had a wonderful support network of family and friends and my doctors were amazing so at that time I felt quite positive that I was going to beat it and not look back.”

However it turned out that for Theresa, the hormone tablets and the mastectomy weren’t the end of her story, “Unfortunately, in June 2023, seven years after my first diagnosis, the cancer was back and this time had spread to my lymph nodes. The day that I was told that I had a recurrence was more difficult to take. I felt afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to watch my children grow, and angry at myself for letting my body down by not making lifestyle changes to improve my health. After my first health battle, I swore to take better care of myself and my body, however as time progressed, I fell back into my old routine of not making time to exercise and not caring much about the quality of the foods that I was eating and the products that I was using. However, once I processed it, I felt stronger in my faith and in my resolve to beat this thing."

“I had to take time off work as a Marketing Manager to undergo chemotherapy, and throughout this time I began to educate myself on the toxic load that my body had undertaken throughout the course of my life, and was about to further undertake going through the chemo. I began to clearly understand that everything from the foods that I was eating and the products that I was putting on my skin, to the household cleaning chemicals, and even the kids' sunscreen were filled with toxic ingredients that were detrimental to our health.

Theresa continued “I found it to be a real struggle searching for clean, non-toxic products that were also effective. One day, whilst on another one of my endless searches, it occurred to me that I should develop a brand of clean products to not only use myself, but to also help those around me access these products more easily”

This is where the inspiration for her beauty range Keyana, originated. Derived from the ancient Aramaic language, where "Keyana" translates to "Nature”, the brand is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and sustainability through its line of natural products. Each product is carefully crafted to contribute to the overall well-being of users, taking into consideration not only the immediate benefits but also the long-term impact on personal health and the environment.

Eight months in the making, the first step Theresa took was to invest in education, before the task of creating a brand for her products came through “My vision was to create a sustainable brand built for longevity, rather than simply a lineup of goods to sell. I turned to an old colleague and friend to collaborate on defining the brand's aesthetic, packaging, and ethos, and thus Keyana was born..
The process of supplier and product selection was a difficult one. I first had to source local suppliers who were as passionate about health and wellness as I was and that offered a diverse range of products that were Australian Made, all natural, and effective."

Once that was decided, I had to settle on a range of products that I was going to launch with through a process of elimination based on the quality of the ingredients and the efficacy of the products. I was determined to select products that were going to make people feel good about themselves without the concern that they were increasing the amount of toxins they were putting on their skin."
I personally tested each product myself before enlisting my family and friends to be my product testers before finally settling on a range that I was happy with and we launched with with beauty, skincare and tanning products.”

Detailing her personal favourites out of her product range, Theresa adds “I would have to say that my favourite product at the moment is the Natural Oil Primer. Not only is it 100% natural with amazing ingredients like Frankincense (a powerful ingredient that helps skin retain moisture, stimulates the production of collagen and promotes skin regeneration and healing) but it works in so many wonderful ways. It not only acts as a primer and a hydrating serum but also converts powder foundation into a liquid foundation that looks dewy and absolutely flawless. Another one of my favourites is the Mineral Foundation which comes in a range of shades and gives a flawless finish whilst allowing the skin to breathe."

Having faced so much adversity, it would be easy for Theresa to have a gloomy outlook on life, but she vehemently disagrees “I feel extremely positive. I feel empowered having educated myself on the importance of minimising the amount of toxins on my skin and around my home and the ways in which to do so. I feel stronger and healthier than ever before and believe that I have armed myself with the tools to maintain long lasting, good health.

"I’m now extremely passionate about helping others to understand the importance of using products that are non-toxic, particularly those that are in direct contact with your skin, our largest and most important organ. If I could impart the life advice I’ve learnt over the years it would be to make your health and the health of those around you a top priority, help the people around you wherever possible, and strive to keep a positive outlook as this not only boosts your mental health but also has a positive effect on your physical well-being."

"Finally, be strong in your faith and always count your blessings."

Shop founder of Keyana, Theresa Kashro’s favourite Keyana picks here:

Mineral Foundation ($69)
Achieve a balanced complexion with our loose Mineral Foundation, delivering full coverage with a satin finish while allowing your skin to breathe. Crafted with nourishing, finely milled minerals, it glides smoothly without accentuating fine lines or wrinkles, making it ideal for mature skin. Titanium Dioxide offers SPF 15 protection and creates a soft-focus effect by diffusing light. Available in three shades.
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Eyeshadow ($85)
All natural, luxurious palette comprising six effortlessly wearable eyeshadow shades. Enriched with active natural elements like Australian Jojoba Esters and Vitamin E, renowned for their antioxidant properties. Available in two palette shades.
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Mineral Bronzer ($62)
Experience the radiance of Keyana's all natural, light-reflecting bronzing mineral pigments with the loose Mineral Bronzer. Sculpt, define, and illuminate your features effortlessly, achieving a naturally radiant, sun-kissed glow.
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Lip Gloss ($29)
Experience the perfect blend of rich pigmentation, velvety smooth application, and exceptional performance with our exquisite lip gloss formula. Clinically proven, after just one week of use, a remarkable 62% reduction in lip lines, 45% increase in lip plumpness, and a 22% decrease in cracking and scaling. Available in five shades.
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Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($40)
This serum harnesses the synergistic power of Hyaluronic Acid, water, and Radish Root to create a potent hydrating blend. Working harmoniously, these ingredients effectively infuse moisture into the skin. With its scientifically proven ability to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, Hyaluronic Acid delivers an unparalleled hydration surge, revitalising and plumping the skin.
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Age-Defying Elixir ($40)
Transformative effects of a potent fusion of natural oils brimming with exceptional anti-aging benefits, encapsulated in a single product. Revitalise, enrich, and promote tissue renewal through the infusion of dynamic ingredients like Gotu Kola, Shea Oil, and vitamin-laden Seabuckthorn Extract. A cornerstone in any anti-aging regimen, this luxurious oil concoction exudes a refreshing scent harmonised with Mandarin, Neroli, and Pink Lotus essences.
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Purple Based Self Tan Mousse ($30)
Fast-drying, all natural, streak free formula that locks in moisture with skin-loving ingredients, while its purple-based formula gives an instant tan glow. An unscented formula infused with odour-eliminating technology, ensuring no artificial tan smell. Suitable for both face and body application, it caters to a wide range of skin tones, counteracting any yellow or golden undertones for a luxurious, exotic brown tan.
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